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A digital health and wellness concierge is in your pocket to make better health and wellness simple and actionable.

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It Starts With a Profile

The Korus app asks about any dietary preferences you have, such as keto, vegetarian, or gluten-free. We also profile any allergies or intolerances, so we know what to absolutely avoid. Additionally, we want to understand any health concerns you are working through, and some aspirational goals of what your "best self" looks like.

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Meet Your Goals

People are six times more likely to meet their goals when you work towards it with other people. Our care team is in your pocket, coaching you along the way.

Privacy and Security

Our mobile app sends telemetry data privately and securely to your care team. We employ bank-level security to keep your health and wellness data safe and secure.


We reward you for the healthy decisions you make every day.


Each person is unique like a fingerprint, and so is the action plan to help you be your best self. Everything we present to you is tuned for you and unique to your health and wellness goals.

One Touch Easy

Your care team is there to provide concierge-level service from ordering diagnostic tests to curating the best products, supplements, personal care, services, and software for you. 

Care Team

You're never alone, and just a click away from help with nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and sleep. Your care team is there to inform, guide, and support your journey to better wellness.

It’s the most radical change happening in healthcare. I strongly believe that everyone should own their medical data – and they have a right to that. It’s their body and it can make a life-or-death difference.

—Eric Topol, Executive VP, Scripps Research