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Korus is a Digital Health and Wellness Collective

We reward our members for the healthy choices they make every day. Join the Korus!

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Everyone Has Something

Each of us has a health condition of some kind that requires proactive management. Some of there conditions are major and some are minor. Often there’s more than one thing going on simultaneously.

Collectively, we’re pooling the data from all our digital health devices to help each other.

Why Join Today?

Meet Your Goals

Once you join, simply fill out your profile and then tell us what your health and wellness goals are. You’re not alone, the entire collective is here to help!


We employ bank-level security to keep your health and wellness data safe and secure.


As you deposit your data into our collective we reward you with Verimos tokens. They are a digital currency that we can collectively make more valuable over time.

We Curate

Based on who you are, and your health and wellness goals, we find the best products your lifestyle needs. The best nutrition, supplements, gear, services, and testing available in the market today.

Super Easy

We make it one click easy to have any of these highly curated products delivered to your door. You’re busy, and we’re out to make like simples and reduce complexity when it comes to your lifestyle needs.


You are now part of lager digital health and wellness collective. Shared experience is powerful. Congregate with people who shared the same traits and goals and you, anonymously and privately.

It’s the most radical change happening in healthcare. I strongly believe that everyone should own their medical data – and they have a right to that. It’s their body and it can make a life-or-death difference.

—Eric Topol, Executive VP, Scripps Research