Interview with Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Introduction Today’s episode is an interview with actor Jamie-Lynn Sigler, probably best known for her role as Meadow on HBO's hit series The Sopranos. Jamie-Lynn talks about her journey from first diagnosis to living her best life with MS, and what it was like to keep it a secret for many years. Interview Jamie-Lynn, thank you so much for coming on the podcast. It's my pleasure. Thank you for having[...]

What Does Your Hair Say About Your Health

Introduction Today’s episode is with Barton Scott, who is a both Chemical Engineer and Nutritionist by training. Barton is the founder of Upgraded Formulas– A company focused on correcting mineral deficiencies with a new category of supplementation called Liquid Nano Minerals along with hair testing to increase health span, focus, sleep quality, and slow the process of aging. Purchase Links Korus members can purchase the hair test mentioned in the podcast at a[...]

Biohacking with Ed Hubbard, Part 2

Introduction This is part 2 of Korus CEO Bryan Menell's interview with Ed Hubbard on the techniques he has used (under his doctor's care) for maximizing his health and wellness in unique ways. Links to References in the Podcast CellTex Stem Cell Banking and Therapy Mecochymal Stem Cells (MSCs) NCBI Data on Cancer Prevention with Green Tea and Capsicum Interview So what are some things that Dr Grossman has worked[...]

Biohacking with Ed Hubbard, Part 1

Introduction Ed Hubbard is a technology entrepreneur and has been CEO or played a key management role at companies such as United Devices, MapMyFitness, and Uber. He's a student of longevity, and today shares his story on life extension and bio-hacking. Show Notes Links to things mentioned in the show: 23andMe SNPs Astaxanthin Transcript Welcome to the podcast. Hi. Thanks for coming on and being willing to share some of[...]

The Invisible Hypothyroidism

 In this episode, Korus CEO Bryan Menell interviews autoimmune thyroid disease blogger, writer and author Rachel Hill, about her own journey with Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism, and her new book "Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate." Rachel is a highly ranked thyroid patient advocate, writer and author, created the award-winning advocacy and website The Invisible Hypothyroidism. Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, she talks about what it’s like to have these conditions, is[...]

Nutrition for Autoimmune

You can reach our guest for this podcast, Eleni Ottalagana, through her website (www.thehealingroots.com), Instagram at thehealingroots and on Facebook as well! Eleni, welcome to the podcast! Thank you. Thanks for having me. One of the first questions I have for you, I wanted to understand the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist. I hear the phrase used interchangeably, but really they are very different. Is that correct? Yeah,[...]