Why Collective

Bryan: Hey Jason, I'm excited to talk today about "why collective." Jason: Hey man, it's good to be here. Bryan: This is an interesting concept. People ask me all the time, and I know they ask you to like, "Huh, Korus is a collective. That's interesting. Tell me more about that." What's your number one thought that comes to mind when you think about chorus as a collective? Why collective?[...]

Autoimmune Journey

In this episode, company CEO Bryan Menell interviews his co-founder Jason Stoddard about his journey with multiple autoimmune conditions. Bryan: So Jason, take us back to a time when you first started noticing things weren't right, you just weren't feeling good. Like what were the symptoms, what was happening? Jason: So we go back in the way way back machine. As a kid, I was allergic to everything. I was[...]