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Verimos Launches Korus, The First Digital Health and Wellness Collective

Available in the iTunes and Google Play Stores

“I’ve lived this,” said co-founder Jason Stoddard. “Navigating life with an autoimmune condition is full of uncertainty and fear, even on the good days. We’re creating an experience that allows people like me to live our best life, contribute to a data repository for future research, and be part of something bigger than myself.”

The Korus digital health and wellness collective provides many benefits to its members including:

  • Unified Subscription: We’ve curated the best products, services, and experiences for a particular functional need, such as ready-to-eat meals, dietary supplements, in-home diagnostic testing, and personal care products.
  • Better Prices: Collective buying power allows our members to buy these products at better prices while creating previously unrealized markets for product and service brands.
  • One-Button Simple: Our goal is to make it one-button simple to collect, share, consume, and participate. Nobody has the time to track their health and wellness data in spreadsheets, research products that are proven to work, or drive all over town to source foods that meet dietary needs. We provide one-stop shopping, direct to your door.
  • Data Sharing: The Korus mobile app integrates with mobile phones to correlate ambulatory data with goals, and to benchmark against other members anonymously to see how you’re doing and what you can do to increase your level of wellness.
  • Shared Experience: Cohorts with similar profiles, goals, and challenges access anonymous threaded discussion for support, ideas, and sharing among people who are going through the exact same thing you are.
  • Personalized: By connecting environmental data, member profiles, and wellness goals, we tune our content, commerce, and communities specifically for you. is available starting today in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

About Verimos

Verimos is a digital health technology company based in Austin, Texas and is part of the Capital Factory Accelerator program. Founded by veteran technology entrepreneurs, the company is working to build the world’s largest repository of wellness data that is owned by all of us.

About Korus

Korus is the first digital health and wellness collective. We reward our members for the healthy choices they make everyday. Our mission is to reorient the relationship consumers have with their health and their care. By pooling together millions of data points across our membership, Korus unlocks better prices, priority access, and unique wellness experiences available nowhere else. The Korus app securely houses health and wellness information that each individual owns and fully controls. We never sell or transfer any of your data, ever. Become a member of the Korus today.